The actual screen of a device is not perfectly smooth as it seems to the naked eye. At a microscopic level, the glass screen is imperfect with tiny gaps and pores. This porous surface creates points of weakness when exposed to sharp objects or impacts. BREAKFREE fills in the microscopic pores and coats the surface with an additional super thin layer, resulting in stronger and more scratch resistant surface. Please note this product does not fix or repair existing scratches or damages and should be used for preventative purposes. It should not be applied to an already damaged surface.


BREAKFREE increases the strength of glass surface to 9H hardness level. Protects your device's screen against regular scratches that may happen with regular use (It will not fix existing scratches and will not make your screen completely scratch-proof).


BREAKFREE fills in the microscopic pores and coats the surface with an additional super thin protective layer. This results in stronger surface that protects your device's screen against occasional drops that may occur with regular use. (It will not make your screen completely shatter-proof).


BREAKFREE is oleophobic. Reduces smudges, oil marks and fingerprints on your screen. (It does not make the screen completely smudge-proof)



Clean all glass surfaces thoroughly with the cleaning wipe supplied in Sachet 1.


Apply the coating wipe supplied in sachet 2 (or vial) to the glass surface


Allow the glass surface to cure for at least 10 minutes


Use the microfiber towel supplied to buff out and shine the glass surface.



• Apply BREAKFREE liquid

screen protector to your



• Once your device is covered with BREAK FREE, register your screen protection guarantee to activate your plan.

• Using your activation code included inside the package , you may visit

• The registration must be completed within 30 days after purchasing BREAK FREE to be valid.

Peace of Mind

• Once your registration is completed, your device is protected from cracks due to accidental drops with BREAK FREE’s screen protection plan, offering you peace of mind.

• In case an accident happens and your screen breaks while protected with BREAK FREE, visit the website to file a claim. Upon obtaining authorzation, simply have your device repaired and submit your invoice for reimbursement.


At microscopic level, a glass is not as smooth as it seems. Tiny pores can be found on your original screen. This porous surface creates points of weakness when exposed to sharp objects or impacts.  BREAKFREE fills in the microscopic pores and coats the surface with an additional thin layer. It bonds to the screen and hardens the glass to 9H level resulting in stronger and more scratch resistant surface. 

In fact there would be no reason to remove the liquid screen protector. Unlike tempered glass or others types of screen protectors, liquid glass bonds to the screen and becomes part of it rather than being a separate layer. Liquid glass will eventually wear off after about 1-2 years. If you still wish to remove it, BREAKFREE's specially formulated liquid glass can be removed using acetone and cotton. You can rub it on the screen for about 1 minute and then clean with alcohol. 

Our liquid screen protector is offered with or without screen protection guarantee. The product itself is the same in all options but you can purchase it without guarantee or with guarantee between $150 to $450. If you purchase a version with screen protection guarantee, first you would apply the liquid screen protector on your device and then register your device. If your screen cracks, first you can file a claim, obtain authorization, then you can have your device repaired at your preferred repair shop. Once you’re done, simply submit your receipt to be reimbursed for up to the coverage amount.

A liquid screen protector and a liquid glass are different products with different features. A tempered glass can protect the surface of your screen from scratches and can be replaced if its’ damaged. It does at some thickness to the screen and it may not be compatible with all cases. It may also peel off and air bubbles may show up on your screen. Especially with curved edged screens, it’s a common issue that tempered glass may peel off easily. Finally, installation of tempered glass may be tricky sometimes, Liquid glass on the other hand, is easier to apply as it would not cause air bubbles and would not peel off. It bonds to the screen, makes it harder and stronger which means higher scratch and impact resistance. It also provides higher touch sensitivity as well as resisting the fingerprints and smudges due to it’s oleophobic nature. It’s very common that consumers use both products together as they complement each other. A liquid screen protector for higher impact resistance and a tempered glass to add an additional layer of protection.

It depends on the quality of the liquid screen protector. While the industry average is 3 months in average, our liquid glass may last for up to two years depending on how you use your device. Since it’s hard to measure the use, to ensure your device is protected we recommend to re-apply our liquid glass at least once a year.

No, liquid glass is not detectable as it bonds to the screen so it would not void the warranty on your device. Please do not apply the liquid glass on an already cracked screen though, as it may seep through the crack and cause further damages. Some warranties may not cover liquid damages. Please check your device warranty provider for further details on warranty coverage against liquid damages.

Yes, BREAKFREE liquid screen protector is universal. So you can most definitely use it with any phone, tablet or smart watch. It also works with curved or foldable screens as well as any sort of glass monitors, camera lenses and eyewear.

BREAKFREE liquid glass is meant to protect your device as it’s a screen protector. It will not fix or repair damaged screens. We recommend, once you get your screen repaired, to purchase our liquid glass with screen protection guarantee so your device would be protected against cracks next time if an unfortunate accident happens. Please note, the screen protection guarantee requires a prior registration with verification of an undamaged screen. 

Yes, liquid glass is super thin, actually much thinner than a human hair so multiple layers can be safely applied. Please note, when you complete installation process, the liquid glass keeps curing for the next 24 hours. It’s ideal to wait at least 24 hours before your next application. It’s also important to clean your screen before applying the additional layers.

Regular, alcohol-free screen cleaners would not affect liquid glass. Electronic device manufacturers do not recommend using alcohol to clean the devices very frequently as the alcohol may cause the original protective coating to be dissolved. Cleaning the screen regularly with alcohol will also reduce the life of the liquid glass.

Not at all. Our liquid screen protector is 100% compatible fingerprint readers/sensors. Our products have been tested with devices of many brands and models and the touch sensitivity is not affected at all either.

BREAKFREE Liquid screen protector will not cause any damages to your device. Please do not apply the liquid glass on an already cracked screen though, as it may seep through the crack and cause further damages.


Yes it can be applied to the cameras and the back of your device. Please note though, the screen protection guarantee (if purchased) only applies to the glass screen.

Yes, it’s oleophobic and you will notice reduced fingerprints and smudges as well as a smoother touch-feel. The screen is also easier to clean after liquid glass.

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