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BREAKFREE Liquid Screen Protection was formulated in Germany utilizing cutting-edge Nano SiO2 technology to coat and protect all types of mobile device screens seamlessly. Silica Dioxide (SiO2) is mainly nanoparticles of glass suspended in a transparent liquid coating. Once applied, BREAKFREE creates a seamless, invisible protective layer of liquid glass that bonds to any glass device screen at a microscopic level. The results are significant; with an increase of the screen hardness to 9H, BREAK FREE will help reduce new scratches and screen breaks due to accidental drops. BREAKFREE includes Screen Protection Coverage. if your screen cracks or breaks, this program is designed to cover the cost of repairs (up to the coverage limits). Registration and device health verification is required within 30 days of purchase.

  • BREAKFREE uses nano technology to provide an invisible, wipe-on screen protector that can be easily applied to the glass of your device that offers enhanced scratch, and shatter resistance.
  • The unique formulation is mainly based of Silica Dioxide (SiO2) that is mainly nanoparticles of glass suspended in a transparent liquid coating.
  • Easy, bubble free application with a universal fit; ideal for curved screens and tablets. Simple, wipe-on DIY. Completely harmless and invisible once applied.
  • Universal: Compatible with all mobile devices, phones, tablets and smart watches. Excellent with curved screens and foldable screens.
  • Does not affect fingerprint sensors. 100% Compatible with fingerprint readers or sensors. This product should not be used on broken screens. Does not fix/repair existing scratches or damages. Screen protection coverage must be activated within 30 days to be valid.

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    Believe it or not, the actual screen is not perfectly smooth as it seems. At microscopic level, the glass screen of your device is imperfect with tiny gaps and pores. This porous surface creates points of weakness when exposed to sharp objects or impacts. BREAKFREE fills in the microscopic pores and coats the surface with an additional super thin layer, resulting in stronger and more scratch resistant surface. Please note this product does not fix or repair existing scratches or damages and should be used for preventative purposes. It should not be applied to an already damaged surface.


    BREAKFREE increases the strength of glass surface to 9H hardness level. Protects your device's screen against regular scratches that may happen with regular use (It will not fix existing scratches and will not make your screen completely scratch-proof).


    BREAKFREE fills in the microscopic pores and coats the surface with an additional super thin protective layer. This rsults in stronger surface that protects your device's screen against occasional drops that may occur with regular use. (It will not make your screen completely shatter-proof).


    BREAKFREE is oleophobic. Reduces smudges, oil marks and fingerprints on your screen. (It does not make the screen completely smudge-proof)



    Clean all glass surfaces thoroughly with the cleaning wipe supplied in Sachet 1.


    Apply the coating wipe supplied in sachet 2 (or vial) to the glass surface

    DRY< /p>

    Allow the glass surface to cure for at least 10 minutes


    Use the microfiber towel supplied to buff out and shine the glass surface.



    • Apply BREAKFREE liquid
    screen protector to your


    • Once your device is covered with BREAK FREE, register your screen protection guarantee to activate your plan.
    • Using your activation code included inside the package , you may visit
    • The registration must be completed within 30 days after purchasing BREAK FREE to be valid.


    • Once your registration is completed, your device is protected from cracks due to accidental drops with BREAK FREE’s screen protection plan, offering you peace of mind.
    • In case an accident happens and your screen breaks while protected with BREAK FREE, visit the website to file a claim. Upon obtaining authorzation, simply have your device repaired and submit your invoice for reimbursement.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    eazy aply

    it is a lot easier to apply than the ones you have to line up over the holes I have to keep a line and straight and take many times and this wipes on really easy

    Sayian God
    BREAK FREE Liquid Glass Screen Protector with $350 Guarantee for All Phones

    Best laptop screen protector ever easy application and quit drying time. Put it on my MSI Titan GT 77 Laptop worth 5,000$ worked like charm. highly recommend.

    John H
    Bright spot in my day!!!

    I broke my leg 2 weeks ago and don't have much of a life since I can't put weight on it for 2 more months. I bought a new phone but couldn't get out to the store to buy a screen protector. I went on Amazon and they were sold out of the one I wanted but ebay had it. I was able to just apply it and feel much more mentally sane knowing my device is protected and has insurance. The process was super easy and my warranty was just approved. The entire things was so simple and gave me some joy today.

    So far, so good!

    Really helps with fingerprints and moisture repelling, haven't had any drops yet so speak to the break/scratch protection but I like the added sense of security.
    The warranty registration feels a little complicated but it's worth it!

    So far. So good!

    I noticed an immediate difference in the coating of my phone screen; much less fingerprints and moisture repellant as well!
    The registration for the warranty is a bit complex but I feel it's worth it.