About Us

BREAK FREE is operated by a leading tech-oriented company established in New York in 2011 with offices in California.

BREAK FREE® was established as a result of efforts to create unique products to protect mobile devices from harsh conditions of everyday use. As the name implies, breaking free of worrying about cracked screens as well as serving the consumers with "you break it and it's free" motto by offering screen replacement reimbursement guarantee has been the main mission of the brand. Scratch-proofing, shatter-proofing, water-proofing, fingerprint-proofing are only some of the cutting-edge products that BREAK FREE® is focused on. With evolving technology and ever-changing devices, BREAK FREE® continuously works on solutions that adapts and improves the longevity of mobile devices. 

Quality Promise

As BREAKFREE's goal is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and retention, the company promises and ensures only the highest grade materials in each product. Quality is in the hearts, minds and spirits of every team member at BREAKFREE. 

Service Promise

As a company that has grown with a word-of-mouth due to it’s excellence in it’s customer service, BREAKFREE Team continues to promise impeccable customer support for it’s products since over a decade.

Value Promise

BREAKFREE believes the continued success and loyalty lies in providing the best value to it’s customers, that would mean the best products at most reasonable prices. It’s also a way of BREAKFREE saying thank you and giving back.