By registering your product, or initiating the registration process, you acknowledge and agree to following terms and conditions which constitute a binding legal agreement between you and Luvvitt LLC (Luvvitt). Most of these terms were put in place due to high fraud activity. If you do not agree with any of the below terms and conditions please do not register, instead, contact us so we can issue a full refund for your purchase even if the product is already used. 


  • YOU MUST REGISTER YOUR DEVICE IN 30 DAYS FROM DATE OF PURCHASE PURCHASE for the guarantee to be valid. No exceptions will be made for any reason. 
  • The guarantee can not be registered for devices that are already damaged. 
  • We usually process registrations within 3-5 business days however in some cases it may take longer. If your registration is incomplete or missing information, you will be notified via email. The email will be sent from info@luvvitt.care or info@luvvitt.com. Please make sure to whitelist or add our emails to your address book to avoid our emails going to your spam box. Since we have no control over your mail box, it's your responsibiliy to ensure your registration is complete and that you have received an email from us confirming your registration. Submitting the registration form does not mean that the registration is complete. Your registration must be reviewed and accepted to be valid. Please follow-up if you dont' hear from us. No exceptions can be made if your registration is not complete before the time of a claim for any reason. 
  • The guarantee is not transfarrable between devices or to another person.
  • The product is sold and shipped from U.S. and the repairs must be done in U.S. Reimbursements can only be made in USD currency to a US address or payment system. 
  • If your device's screen is cracked or broken while protected by Luvvitt's product that is offered with a screen replacment guarantee, the limited replacement guarantee provides up to purchased coverage (i.e: $250 - $300 - $500 - $750) towards the repair of your screen provided that the device is registered within 30 days of purchase. 
  • The guarantee applies only to the screen of your device. It does not cover the back of the device or any other interior or exterior parts. Entire device replacements or upgrades would not be covered since this is only a screen replacement guarantee.
  • Only the glass screen repair/replacment costs on invoices showing the matching IMEI or SERIAL number of the registered device would be accepted for claims. 
  • The guarantee can only be utilized for cracked or broken screens. Scratches are not covered under guarantee.
  • Each purchased unit provides guarantee for one registered device only.
  • If the customer switches/replaces the registered device for any reason, the guarantee can not be transferred and would need to be re-purchased.
  • If the product is returned the guarantee will become void.
  • You must submit a photo and a video and obtain approval BEFORE getting the device repaired. If the device is repaired before authorization, the guarantee will become void. This is a measure taken due to recent fraud activities discovered and NO EXCEPTIONS can be made.  
  • The guarantee is valid up to 1 year after date of purchase. Additional guarantee coverage can be purchased before your 1 year coverage period expires.
  • The repairs must be completed and the invoice must be submitted within 15 days after the claim is approved. No exceptions can be made. 
  • Reimbursement method is at discretion of Luvvitt. Paypal, Venmo, Apple Pay and Checks are some forms of payments Luvvitt reimburses which may change at Luvvitt's discretion. PayPal and similar reimbursements are usually made instantly however check payments can take up to four weeks to be processed. 
  • Luvvitt does not pay any transaction fees on recipient's end for claims. If any fee is deducted by Paypal, Venmo or other provider from your customer's account, these fees are customer's responsibility. 
  • Guarantee registrations and/or claims will be only granted if the product is purchased from Luvvitt directly or from it's authorized re-sellers.The guarantee would be valid if the video of your device showing the IMEI number or serial number is submitted at the time of registration. 
  • IMEI/Serial number can not be displayed in another device and must be displayed on the device being registered. 
  • Acceptance of your registration does not mean it's eligible for a claim. It only means your registration has been processed and activated. In some cases, we may not realize damaged screens, missing or mis-matching information and may approve your registration, however, since you consent that the device doesnt' have any damages at the time of registration and the information is completely and properly submitted, we may deny your claim if we realize the device is not registered properly following the instructions. This is a measure taken in lieu of recent fraud claims. Please make sure the video you submit for registration clearly shows your devices screen is undamaged and displays the IMEI or Serial number of it's own. 
  • We reserve the right to deny any registration or claim at our discretion if we suspect fraud or malicious activity. We do not have any obligation to disclose or discuss the reasonsons for denial for registrations or claims, however if we deny your registration we would issue a refund on your order upon return.
  • If we suspect that the cost of the claim invoice submitted to us for reimbursment is higher than usual, we may contact your repair shop to ask about your transaction and/or obtain a quote regarding the repairs of the same brand and model device to compare the quote and the cost on the invoice you submitted for claims. In the event that the quote we obtained is higher than the repair shop's invoice, we would only pay the amount of the quote provided to us. This is done because some repair shops charge extra when they are informed that the customer will be reimbursed through a guarantee or insurance program which us considered a fraud activity. If we find out such unusual activity we will notify you and the reimbursement terms woud be non-negotiable. If our decision is not accepted, we reserve the right to completely deny the reimbursement due to suspected fraud activity. You agree to this term by registering your product as option not to register and obtain a refund on your order is provided to you at the time of registration. 
  • We may deny your claim if we conclude that the evidence you submitted is not satisfactory or we are suspicious of fraud. Even though we may normally explain the reason, we do not have any obligation to discuss details and you agree not to pursue any actions to damage our reputation or financially. 
  • If Apple care or any other insurance program is utilized to to get to repair the screen, the reimbursement can not be claimed. Consumers are not allowed to profit from the guarantee program. Such action would be considered a fraud and is illegal. 
  • By submitting this registration form, you hereby confirm that you have also read and agreed to our terms and conditions and privacy policies under our main website luvvitt.com and allow us to add you to our email list and contact you for registration and claim purposes as well as any promotional reasons with the option to opt-out.
  • We do not sell your information however we may outsource the warranty so your information may be shared with third party insurance or guarantee providers in order to provide coverage for your device. Your info may also be shared with payment processors to be able to pay the claims. 
  • By submitting this form you agree that you accept all the terms and conditions on this page and will not threaten the company or publish negative reviews, BBB or similar entity complaints, negative publicity or any similar action that would damage the company or the brand in order to have a claim accepted. You also agree not to take any legal action against the company or it's owners in case of a dispute as you agree that the claims will be granted or rejected at Luvvitt's discretion. Luvvitt reserves it's rights to take legal action in cases where terms and conditions of this agreement is violated. Luvvitt will honor all warranty claims that satisfies the terms and conditions of the screen replacement guarantee.  
  • By submitting this registration form you hereby permit us to keep your information indefinitely in our records and share the information with insurance providers as well as other companies and inquire about your history from others that may help us investigate your claim history and credibility.

Liquid Glass & Liquid Ceramic Disclaimers

  • LIQUID GLASS™ and LIQUID CERAMIC™ should only be applied to the glass surface of your device. 
  • Please use caution when using your device without a case, as LIQUID GLASS™ and LIQUID CERAMIC™ are not case alternatives. 
  • LIQUID GLASS™ and LIQUID CERAMIC™ were created to protect against damage occurring under normal usage conditions, and not through heavy, blunt force impact or negligent circumstances.
  • LIQUID GLASS™ and LIQUID CERAMIC™ are intended to protect your device's screen against regular scratches that may happen with regular use. It will NOT make your screen completely shatter-proof or scratch-proof. It will only improve your glass' strength and increase the scratch resistance. Your screen can still get scratched or broken with a liquid glass screen protector but cracks or breaks it will be covered under guarantee up to purchased guarantee value. Scratches are not covered under guarantee.


By registering,  you hereby aknowledge that you have read and agree with all of the disclaimers above.